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The Top 3 Types Of Customer Using Self Storage Facilities

Profiling customers in any business is not an easy job. You have to take a look at the cold hard facts and draw your conclusions from the data presented. Depending on the location of the self-storage facility, owners will undoubtedly see a difference in the groups of people and their personalities using them. The consensus, however, seems to be that most commonly, storage facilities are used by people looking to clear out their homes, or they’re in the midst of moving.

Though certainly not a fact, a certain storage facility saw that almost an equal number of men and women employed the use of the storage facility. Even more importantly, the middle class and upper middle class were the crowds a self-storage facility attracted. The average stay at a storage facility was proven as less than six months, but the demand for space and climate controlled units has increased. Now, let’s take a look at the top three customer types and their personalities that rent self-storage units!

1. The Constant Mover

This is an individual that moves around a lot, possibly for work or they’re just looking to enhance their knowledge of the world. Unfortunately, with rent extremely high in most places, it’s simply not feasible to keep renting an apartment or house while the person is away. This type of relocation often begs the question of: where will all the stuff go? Some may certainly choose to downsize permanently, but most people simply can’t let go of their stuff, which is where a self-storage unit comes into play.

Self-storage units can be rented for the long term, and frankly, as long as you pay on time, self storage unit with household goods and 3 bikesthere are no worries about your belongings. Of course, not all people moving choose to keep their stuff there for the long term, and a storage unit is great if you need to move right away and you a) haven’t found a new rental or b) you need to be out of your current residence by a certain date.

2. The Collector Or “Hoarder.”

No one can argue that the terms collector and hoarder often go together. After all, where do you draw the line with acquiring stuff? Many collectors spend years building their collections out of carefully chosen artefacts, only to woefully discover that they have run out of space. Space doesn’t always have to become a hurdle as you never know what the future brings, and you may even buy or rent a larger home down the line. A storage facility that’s climate controlled can offer ample protection for your prized possessions as long as they’re properly boxed.

Collectors often think of culling their collections, but the reality is that very few succeed. After all, those items were purchased for a reason and getting rid of them simply doesn’t make sense. Storage units have helped millions of people regain their grasps on reality and give them back much-needed control over their home turf.

3. The Minimalist In Denial

There seems to be a rising trend in people claiming to be minimalists only to have their garages and basements filled with the things they can’t bear to part with. It seems to be a double-edged sword because you can’t be a minimalist with lots of stuff, but some of that stuff you just want, need or will need in the future. If you’re embarrassed to show your house or apartment to friends and family, you can reclaim your reputation as a minimalist by placing your extra items into storage.

In fact, a storage unit can help you downsize as it allows you to see whether or not you can learn to live without those things in the first place. In some instances, the answer is a resounding no! You can still be a faux-minimalist by culling the things you don’t regularly use and keeping them in a self-storage facility.

There you have the top three customers who actively enjoy the use of self-storage facilities. These are the customers that faithfully rent anywhere from a few short weeks to several years from the same business.

Roy Hiscock owns and operates Gold Coast storage facility, Storage Max